Cap'n Ron aboard the "Dolphin Song" bound for Key West, is passionate about creating an ICW guide that stays current and up to date. We attempt to get information about conditions along the waterway from locals, and provide data that cannot exist in printed guides. If you can help or find errors, please let us know.

The never ending repair and restoral goes on aboard the by the former owner and now it's my turn to make some more improvements. This winters projects include: replacing the mast support in the cabin, new chain plates, and after a few months of cruising, a bottom job in Port Charlotte or thereabouts.

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Greetings fellow adventurers! This year I am getting the site more filled out with more features, easier navigation and more local knowledge. If you can help please email me with any info that should be included. Hope to see you all along the way!


Remember (as Cap'n Ron would say) "If anything's going to go wrong boss, it'll go wrong out there"

So be prepared.

The Dolphin Song is a 37' Cheoy Lee sloop. (Luders Cruisemaster) The teak decks have epoxy resin over them rather than removed as is the usual method. She has a custom epoxy resin boomar over the cockpit, curtains and screens making her one sweet cruiser. Steve Roberts, a lifelong marine glas fabrication man was the former owner and did some fine work on her. Steve told me of the time in a boatyard when he bumped into Bill Luders. He recognized him and they talked (boats of course). This was before Steve got this beautiful creation of Bill's.

The Dolphin Song

Cruise Master 37

Cast Off!